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50+ Contries
800+ Machines
200K+ Customers
<0.1% Defect Rate

About Us

Mohou.com is a leading on-line 3D printing and digital manufacturing service provider based in China; Established since 2013, it has printed/made over 15 million customized items to date(Dec-2021), has more than 1,000,000 users globally.

Mohou.com is striving to become a 3D printing and digital manufacturing platform for everyone, our services include 3D printing,CNC machining,Laser cutting, silicon/injection molding and various post-processing and finishes.To dream and to build, together we can make quality digital manufacturing accessible to everyone.

Our Service

[3D printing]

Instant price quote
Price as low as 0.1 USD/ g
50+ Printing materials to choose

[CNC machining]

3 or 5-axis
Order from as little as 1 item
Plenty choices, Plastics and Matals

[Laser cutting]

Sheet fabrication
Acrylic, MFB,Stainless steel
Quick lead time and quality assured

[3D modelling]

1 to 1 VIP service
Qualified designer and modeller
Turn your idea into product

Our Equipment

  • SLA RS8000
  • Stratasys Objet J750
  • Stratasys
    Fortus 900mc
  • EOS M290
  • 3D-Systems--HD3510-Plus
  • EOSINT-P760
  • Projet-3510
  • Formlabs Form 3
  • Artec-Spider
  • ATOS-Core


  • Model for the moive “Monkey King”, an entry to the best animated film nomination for Oscar 2017.
    It was 3d printed using photopolyer(SLA) and painted manually by Mohou.com

  • Libras was designed by a talented designer and produced at Mohou.com.

  • Libras as printed before post-processing (SLA photopolyer resin).

  • 3d printed clothes for a high profile fashion show in China.
    The materials was Nylon(PA12) printed from SLS 3d printers.

  • LEESIN, a hero from the game League of Legends.
    The statue was about 1.8 meter high, 3D printed from PLA and post-processed at Mohou.com

  • A popular cartoon character 3D printed by Mohou.

  • Angry monkeys produced by Mohou.

  • A triceratops dino 3d printed and painted by Mohou.

  • Industrial equipment by Mohou.

  • A robot prototype produced by Mohou.

  • Cardiovascular models for medical uses.

  • A figure from the famous film terminator.

  • A 3D printed Minecraft architecture for Mojang, it was presented to Jeff ( Jens Bergensten) at China Joy 2017.

Popular Materials

50+ Materials, PEEK, PC, Transparent ,Silver...

  • Standard Resin

    0.1 mm
    1~3 working days
    Prototype  Concept model  SLA  High detail  Decorative  Low cost 
    Standard or Smooth(polished)
    Complex designs,sculptures, concept models, industrial prototypes
  • Economic Nylon

    0.2 mm
    3-4 days
    Prototype  Production  High strength  Impact resistant  Industrial grade  Low cost  SLS  Cheap 3rd party material 
    Matte finish
    Function model, small volume procuction, fixture,jigs,shell, one-off parts
  • PLA(Polylactide)

    0.2 mm
    1~3 days
    Prototype  FDM  Early model  Low cost  Rigid  Bio-degradable  Envirment friendly 
    Visible layers, surfaces above supports maybe rough
    early prototyping, school works and budget models
  • ABS

    0.2 mm
    1~3 working days
    Prototype  Production  Impact resistant  Tough  Versatile  FDM 
    Slightly rough, esp.surfaces above supports maybe rough
    Concept model, Function model, electronic housing, fixture,jigs,shell, one-offs parts
  • Stainless Steel 316L

    0.1-0.2 mm
    5-7 days
    Production  Chemical resistant  High strength  Heat resistant  Industrial grade  SLM 
    Matte finish, machinable
    Complex structures,parts wiht great details, assemble-free parts, end products
  • Aluminium (AlSi10Mg)

    0.1-0.2 mm
    5-7 days
    Production  Function  Chemical resistant  High strength  Light weight  Conductive  Industrial grade  SLM 
    Matte finish, machinable
    Complex structures, assemble-free parts, end products,weight reduction applications

The 3D File Experter

Data Handling
More than 20 accepted 3D file formats  
Let us help you with our 20+ years of experience 
Problem Solving
Mesh repairing and optimizion with modeling issues 
Your files in safe hands. You keep the copyright to your designs 

Our Advantages

Produced within 3-Day or Less

90% of our orders were proudced and shipped whithin 3 days, same day despatch maybe possible if requested

50+ Materials

Over 50 printing materials to choose from, We aim to provide the most suitbale for you

Professional 3D designing service

Only have a idea? No problem, We have experienced 3D designer in house and ready to help

Plenty choices of post-processing

Sanding,painting, silicon molding, plating,CNC machining, you name it, We nail it!

Competitive price

We offer a price match policy, So lowest possible price guarranted,We refuse to be beaten by price

Quality Assurance

Free re-make or refund if it is our faults, 1,000,000 parts printed for thousands of happy customers


At mohou.com, we know our customers want their order quickly

  • We only use premier couriers DHL/SF/UPS/FEDEX
  • A fixed fee of $35 to all orders
  • 2-5 days to reach worldwide destinations
  • Fully trackable records thourghout the process

Our Vision of 3D Printing