Common materials, common processes and post-processing for ceramic 3D printing

In this article will discuss with you the common materials, processes and post-processing for ceramic 3D printing.

Fortis3D Launches Strongest Ever Nylon Fiberglass and PK 3D Printed Wires

Recently, Canadian startup Fortis3D is launching two new 3D printing polymer materials for industrial applications, which are PA-GF20 and PK-GF20, learned.

NEUTROGENA Launches 3D Printed Dietary Supplements

Neutrogena, a leading U.S. skincare brand, has launched a line of personalized 3D-printed skincare supplements, learned recently.

3D printing and bionics

First full ear canal removal surgery on a pig using 3D printing technology

A doctor from Oregon State University Veterinary Hospital has successfully performed the first known total ear canal ablation surgery on a pig with the help of 3D printing technology, has learned.

3D Printing Sustainability Has an Answer as Waste Paper Turns into Carbon Fiber Pulp Material

Best choices for fill density and fill pattern in 3D printing!

3D-printed titanium alloy prosthesis for finger bone defect

SLM Solutions Launches Oversized Metal 3D Printer

Standardization of 3D printing in the medical field