About Us

Since launched in September 2013, the website has been commissioned to bring 3D printing into everyday life and become the world first-class 3D printing cloud platform.

Mohou.com is the leading Chinese on-line 3D printing service provider; it was setup in Sept. 2013. To date(2018), it has printed over 100,000 items, has 300 verified designers and over 20,000 users.

Mohou.com also provides other digital manufactring including CNC, laser cut and silicon moulding. We automatize the production process to allow quick-turn of additive/digital manufactring of plastic and metal.No matter what is your purpose, conecpt model, fitting or functional model, low volume production, Mohou.com is ready to meet your demands.

Product developer can uploda their 3D CAD model online and receive an instant interactive quote with free deign analysis and real-time pricing. Within a few clicks, deigners and engineers can get their procuct manufactured as fast as possible.

Mohou.com, a on-demand 3D printing platform for everyone!