100% free Re-make and Re-ship Guarantee

If it is our fault, we will 100% re-make and re-ship

Here at mohou.com, we promise that it it is our fault, if our design, software,machine, people or suppliers get it wrong, we will re-make and re-ship for free, or credit your account . NO return needed.

If you have received parts that are no good (or they have been lost in shipping)

Please send us an email ASAP, including the following information:
1) Order number

2) Parts affected

3) Describe the problem

4) Add photos,screenshot or docs relevant.

We will response within 24 hour.

Once confrimed,we'll then re-make and re-ship for free with priority speed (and turn a sad moment into a happy one - fast).

If you have any questions please let us know.